Progno Cleanse

Progno Cleanse’s on-demand scanning is a new innovative approach in which your data records are scanned against a global view of real-time feedback at the time of the actual cleansing, utilizing no data from aged repositories (such as used by simple black list-based method to scrub against and repost). This type of cleansing model is based on self-learning rule sets designed to catch newly created traps or existing trap configuration changes as they happen. This process ensures a more effective cleansing with minimal to no false positives, in addition to gaining an unprecedented view and insight, revealing hidden aspects of your data not normally found with traditional scrubbing. All of this results in rich, comprehensive reporting of a highly deliverable address list.

Progno-Cleanse’s data intelligence platform is based on policy-driven rule sets and real-time scanning algorithms that use a multi-layered approach to identify validate and protect against a wide range of e- mail-based threats. Progno-Cleanse scans and analyzes your data for all possible combinations of known problematic or non-deliverable email addresses.

Core Validation and Cleansing Process Features

  • Threat Classification and removal of direct traps, secondary mole traps, parked technology, bot clickers, quarantined elements, and third party oversight seeds, generally from numerous, publicly observed leading spam advisory and email traffic monitoring sites
  • Identification of managed anti-spam, network protected domains, or SaaS Threat Classification (unknowing recipients turned into secondary moles or involuntary traps).
  • Removal of invalid TLDs or top level domain extensions as determined by IANA database (The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority)
  • Removal of non-deliverable domains and email addresses (DNS validation, parked and invalid TLDs and syntax error emails) based per RFC standards
  • Duplicate address removal
  • Classification of Domestic and International domains through our proprietary non-intrusive geo IP solution in which identifies the IP address of the receiving domain. In addition to proprietary views as sourced from IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) Root Zone database and Regional Internet Registries (AFNIC, APNIC, ARIN, LACNIC, RIPE)
  • Role account removal. A role account is an email address that is not associated with a specific person, but rather with an office, position, group or task. Role accounts can be broadly classified as either technical or nontechnical(i.e. postmaster@, abuse@, sales@, support@, info@, legal@, or inquiries@, etc.).
  • Removal of self-learning, recipient address-based, complex pattern recognition algorithms that have the capacity to change and learn from experience. Designed for those dynamic, hard to find HAMY (Hotmail, AOL, MSN, Yahoo) and other top provider traps
  • Removal of mobile users (as sourced from the FTC DNE List)
  • Litigious address removal – removal of litigators and collaborative anti-spam activists historically known to purposely seed their email address(es) for the historical purpose of litigation
  • Removal of addresses containing threat strings (bad words, known trap phrases, names, etc.)
  • Removal of known, habitual protestors (industry recognized as complainers or screamers) in which have declared they do not wish to receive any form of unsolicited commercial email from any source


Character field removal – removal of leading and trailing spaces within data fields