Pro- Email Validator

Validate emails instantly without even sending test emails

The success of an email-marketing program is highly dependent upon the cleanliness of your email list. However, email addresses change at an increasingly rapid pace each month, quarter or year.

Validating email addresses will help you maximize your email marketing campaign. Sending email to invalid addresses negatively affects your sender reputation which is monitored by Yahoo!, Gmail, AOL, Hotmail and other ISPs. The lower your reputation, the more of your email gets filtered out of the inbox. Smart marketers will validate the email address before sending an email to ensure that it is a qualified lead.

So our solution, would either take your data file in batch or online upload, to come back with a report on each of the email address and letting you know what is good data to run campaigns, coupled with our other solution we can even correct those emails or ensure there deliverability is higher.

Prognosys industry-leading technologies enable this solution to be the most accurate in the market, reducing email bounces and delivery failures by 90% or more. Since it is cloud-based, enabling you to determine in real-time if an email is valid and deliverable before sending a message.

See how our services will transform any email list and minimize your chances of being flagged as a spammer, as well as save your organization time and resources.



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