Database Solution

Data decay is one of the most prominent yet usual issue towards data led marketing. Our marketing data services include providing end-to-end database services to ensure we help you across the entire data lifecycle of a successful database-marketing engine. Below are the key solutions:

Data Management- We can help do a quick health & system scan i.e. check all disparate data in the across the silos and check on there current accuracy & completeness. Than we help Unify data across each unique ID, in order to ensure a 360 degree view of a customer, where data is hosted on a Big Data enabled cloud infrastructure ready to plugged into marketing automation tools like Eloqua, Exact Target etc

Data Cleansing- Upon completion of the audit & unification, we work across 150+ kinds of data cleansing measures while using people, process and sophisticated tool towards cleansing. Finally we do a sanity check to ensure that there are no duplicate records, We also have Pro Email validator to check on valid emails and even identify SPAM traps, public domain emails etc.

Merge, Purge & Append– Once we have the data in standard format we start building upon to further Amplify data by adding relevant required information areas to the database. We can add missing firmographics, demographics & even IT installed base information.

Contact Discovery- This step is the most critical as this takes us closer to our end results. It involves identification of the right contacts and updating the relevant information. We work through our multi-lingual contact center and web search powered by large proprietary data list to ensure we have all the target titles of selected list of companies.

List Management- We can also help you Expand further with the appropriate list for your targeted campaigns across your TAM. We can maintain your existing contact data and only build fresh data on top of the existing one, We work with you to find innovative ways to build & source target list Globally.

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