Account Based Marketing (ABM)

There is significant value if we change marketing perspective from being lead centric to account centric. Account based marketing though not a new term has been generating tremendous value for our customers.

ABM is about identification of key accounts with significant revenue potential (beyond your past sales trend) & then enabling a team constituting Sales & Marketing to service them by serving relevant, personalized & in-time content to key decision makers using the channel of their choice.

The benefit of ABM over traditional demand generation is its sharp focus on few accounts rather than ‘spray & pray’ approach in later.
Prognosys can help you set up ABM by offering value in following areas :

1. Account Selection
    a. Propensity Mapping
    b. Client Inputs (Past trends)
    c. Predictive models to pick account based on numerous metrics (inside & outside info)

2. Contact Discovery & Profiling
    a. Information gathering:
        1. Unification
        2. Cleanse
        3. Append
        4. Expand & Enrich

3. Interactions across Multi-channels
    a. Run campaigns with relevant content on following channels
        1. Email
        2. Webinar
        3. Virtual Event
        4. Social
        5. Tele contact